Pb, Fe. Mn determination in motor gasoline


Pb, Fe. Mn determination in motor gasoline

XRFA is among the methods applied for determination of Pb, Fe, Mn mass content in motor gasoline. It is significantly simpler than the other methods.

XRFA is registration of the secondary fluoresce of element atoms exited by x-ray tube radiation. The value of the registered signal is proportional to the element content in the sample of gasoline. Element content is calculated with preliminary obtained calibration curve.

The test method is as following:
•    Motor gasoline for test is poured into two sample cup without any preliminary treatment;
•    The cups are put into a sample cartridge and then into a spectrometer;
•    Analysis is carried out according to the chosen program;
•    Operator obtains the result on display and can print it out or save in archive.

Total time required for analysis is within 20 minutes.


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