Ni, Cr, Mn and Co determination in technological water media and liquid radioactive wastes of Nuclear Power Plants

The test method specifies mass content determination of Ni (Nickel), Cr (Chromium), Mn (Manganese) and Co (Cobalt) dissolved in technological water media of Nuclear Power Plants and liquid radioactive wastes by X-Ray fluorescence method with "SPECTROSCAN MAKC"  spectrometers.
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The order and conditions of sampling should provide correspondence to chemical composition of the media. Total sample activity shall be within 3,7•107 Becquerel (1•10-3 Curie).
If any element concentration exceeds the upper limit of determination, then the sample material dilution is permitted up to 10 times, so that the concentrations are within the specified concentration range.
If the element concentration in the sample is less than 5 mg/dm3, then it should be concentrated by sample material evaporation. .
The sample material is poured into two sample cups, fixed in a sample cartridge and analyzed in a spectrometer. Analysis is carried out automatically according to preliminary chosen program.
Dependent on the task one or several elements can be determined.
Determined element concentration range in solution is from 5 up to 100 mg/dm3. About 10 cm3 is required for two concurrent measurements.

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