Pb, Zn, Ni, Fe, Mn, V determination in petroleum and petroleum products

Pb, Zn, Ni, Fe, Mn, V determination in petroleum and petroleum products

The test method is specified for determination of  Pb, Zn, Ni, Fe, Mn, V  mass content in petroleum and petroleum products with "SPECTROSCAN MAKC" spectrometers.
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The test method is applied to the following products:   

- Crude oil; 
- Oil directed for dehydration, desalting and stabilization;
- Oil, dehydrated and desalted in the oil and gas refineries; 
- Oil, stabilized in the oil and gas refineries; 
- Oil supply by type;
- Light petroleum products, alternative fuel;
- Black (dark) oil; 
- Lubrication oils; 
- Other petroleum products.

The test method is based on x-ray fluorescence radiation intensity measurement on the wavelengths corresponding to the determined elements and calculation of the elements concentration with the preliminary prepared calibration curve. 
Viscous products shall be liquefied either by heating or by dilution with mineral oil.
The test material is filled in the sample cups and put in spectrometer. Analysis is carried out automatically according to the program, lead content calculation is run with preliminary obtained calibration curve. If the sample was diluted then the result is multiplied by the corresponding coefficient.
The test method provides determination of a single element or multiple elements content at a time dependent on the analysis purpose.

The concentration range of the elements determined according this test methods are given in the table.

ElementConcentration range, mg/kg
Pbfrom 3 up to  500
Znfrom 3 up to  500
Nifrom 3 up to  500
Fefrom 3 up to  500
Mnfrom 3 up to  500
Vfrom 3 up to  500

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