History of the Company


The company was found in 1989.
The first instrument based on the technology of high light gathering capacity was developed and manufactured by "SPECTRON" specialists in 1989. Due to unique design small desk top scanning spectrometer was able to obtain results as good as big high capacity units.
The invention was so efficient that the instruments implementing it have been manufactured for over 20 years.
In 1997 the first vacuum instrument was delivered to the Customers. The design of the spectrometer made it possible to analyze liquids and powders without He (Helium) flow, required no external cooling. It is significantly reduced the costs of analysis as well as expanded the areas of application. The instrument became the most powerful XRF spectrometer developed and manufactured in Russia. Several hundreds of vacuum spectrometers have been working in various fields of industry and science.
At the beginning of the XXI century to meet the requirements of Petroleum industry "SPECTRON" launched EDX sulfur analyzer "SPECTROSCAN S", which has become one of the best EDX sulfur analyzers combining high analytical characteristics and simplicity of operation.
Meeting new requirements of Environment protection "SPECTROSCAN SW-D3" – WDX sulfur analyzer was introduced to the Customers in 2011.
"SPECTRON" is always ready to meet new requirements of the Clients.
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