Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescent WDXRF analyzer for organic chlorides determination in oil.
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SPECTROSCAN CLSW wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescent WDXRF analyzer of organic chlorides in oil is used for determination of organic chlorine content in oil at refinery factories, in research laboratories of oil Industry, oil-transport companies.
Routine work with the Analyzer does not require high skills of the staff and can be fulfilled by a laboratory assistant with no control from analysts
SPECTROSCAN CLSW is a desk top with inbuilt computer and printer. It consists of two blocks: Spectrometer and vacuum pump.  The spectrometer has a closed cycle water cooling system. The measuring tract is in vacuum chamber, but the sample is at the ambient conditions.

Analytical parameters
Determined element
Cl (Chlorine)
Limit of detection  for200 s
0,5 mg/kg
Chlorine concentration range
from 0 mg/kg to 50 mg/kg
Type of Chlorine line detection
Crystal diffraction
Crystal analyzer
С(002) – pyrolitic carbon
X-ray tube anode
Time for sample measurement
from 8 minutes

Technical specification
Sample changer
Automatic lateral loading for 3 sample cups
Sample cups, diameter, volume

∅32 mm, V 8 cm3

∅32 mm, V 8 cm3, ventilated
X-ray tube capacity
less 200 W
display, thermo printer
Dimensions and weight (not more)
530х480х340 mm, 40 kg– spectrometer
330х230х380 mm, 9 kg – vacuumpump
Power supply
220 V, ~ 50 Hz, 750 W
Due to the original design no He blowdown is required, providing LLD of 1 ppm
  • Simple in operation;
  • Desk top instrument;
  • The sample data and analysis results are shown in display and printed out by inbuilt printer;
  • Special ventilated cups are developed for volatile petroleum products;
  • 3-position sample automatic changer makes analysis of sample replicateseasy.
Due to lateral position of the sample:
  • Error due to water and air bulbs in petroleum products are excluded;
  • Contamination with petroleum products of the inner parts of the analyzer is excluded;
  • Additional errors due to contamination of the additional protection film is excluded;
  • Sample loading unit is easily cleaned.
Minimum operator actions:
  • Sample preparation;
  • Put in the number or name of the sample from inbuilt key-board; 
  • Fill in two sample cups with the sample;
  • Put in the samples into the analyzer and start measurements.
All the rest operations are run automatically.
The analyzer was developed for organic chlorides determination in oil.


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