Gold determination in ore and rock

The test method specifies mass content determination of gold in ore and rock by X-ray fluorescence method with "SPECTROSCAN MAKC" spectrometers.
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The test method includes dissolution of preliminary grinded rock (ore), flow selective concentrating of gold in micro column with sorbent, elution of the concentrate, dropping the eluent with the concentrate on a paper filter, and determination of gold content with X-ray fluorescent spectrometer "SPECTROSCAN MAKC".
Any method of dissolution providing chloride solutions is permitted. If there is industrial authorized test method of the rock (ore) dissolution, then the solution of all gold forms is fulfilled according to that method.  
The solution obtained while dissolution is pumped by peristaltic pump through a gold-selective sorbent column. Then gold is eluated with 0.5 cm3 alcohol from the column. The alcohol solution is dropped on a paper filter with paraffin ring and dried. The filter is fixed in a filter holder, put into a sample cartridge and automatically analyzed in the spectrometer according to preliminary chosen program.
The test method specifies gold mass content determination in the range from 1 to 50 ppm.
If gold concentration in the sample material is higher than the upper limit, then smaller amount of solution obtained after vskritie should be analyzed.

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