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There are rather often cases when unfair exporter/importer tries to declare goods with another code to reduce taxes and duties. It happens often when the visual determination of the goods class is similar (metals for example).Chemical methods of composition analysis are rather long.
X-ray fluorescent method provides rapid Customs expertise for determination of actual goods validity dependent on the type, class grade of material.

Material composition may vary in a wide range, therefore it can be determined by two methods:

In the first case quantitative analysis of the sample is fulfilled with preliminary made calibrations. It is possible when the sample material is close to composition and can be treated the same way as the calibration standards.

In the second case fundamental parameters method (standardless analysis) is applied. It is usually used for metal alloys composition determination, the sample may have any shape within the size of the sample holder.

XRFA provides high validity, multiple examinations; it is simple and clear. Therefore it is widely used in Customs expertise laboratories.


"SPECTROSCAN MAKC-GVM" WDXRF spectrometer determines elements from Na (Sodium) to U (Uranium) in solids, liquids or powders, in solutions and thin films, deposits on filters. 

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"SPECTROSCAN МАКС-GF1(2)E-C" is a modification of  "SPECTROSCAN МАКС-GF1(2)E" spectrometer with one or two additional EDX channel and with a special sample changer suitable for various expertise.

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