Mineral resources prospecting and survey


Mineral resources prospecting and survey

The main purpose of all geological studies independent of their actual content is to provide mineral raw materials to industry. The problem is solved by combination of geological, geophysical and geochemical research with mining and drilling.
Geochemical methods in prospecting and survey of minerals deposits are of great importance at each stage of investigations.
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The object of the geochemical studies and prospecting  is the geochemical field and its local deviations, which can result in industrial mineral deposit discovery. Geochemical fields are studied with geochemical survey to determine deposits. The study is based on regular measurements of the chemical elements content along the chosen profiles and directions. The objects of the study may include:

- Rocks on the surface, in mine workings or from wells, the products of modern or ancient weathering of rocks and soils;
- Natural surface water and groundwater;
- River, lake or marine sediments;
- Underground atmosphere (soil air), the composition of the terrestrial atmosphere is rarely studied;
- Plant or animal organisms;
- Atmospheric dust or snow.

The result of the geochemical search surveys is identification of real ore areas and estimation of expected resources of minerals.

X-ray fluorescence method is ideal for prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits. A wide range of defined elements from Na to U, with wide content range (from 0.001% to 100%) allows  almost any composition sample analyzing. Rapidity of the method, its high accuracy provides large scale analyses of geochemical samples.

The modern test methods specify element content determination in any samples (solid, liquid, aerosols), with certified metrological characteristics.

"SPECTROSCAN MAKC-GVM" WDXRF spectrometer determines elements from Na (Sodium) to U (Uranium) in solids, liquids or powders, in solutions and thin films, deposits on filters. 

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